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Healing from within is essential because the very essence of who we are comes from within our souls. How we think, what we believe, what we feel, how we process information, and how we perceive reality starts within ourselves. Everything we go through in life is stored within our minds and hearts. It’s almost as if our heart captures each event as a photograph. In other words our heart is the camera. It focuses on the object, captures, and snaps the picture. As a result, the photo is developed and the picture is produced.

We have to be careful that are heart focus is not sabotaged by sorrow, pain, hurtful situations, or unfortunate circumstances. These things can clog the heart and cause us to get stuck in bitterness, false hood, lies, and ultimately create that blurry vision. Writing from personal experience, makes it easy for me to share these words of wisdom.

Face yourself every day and own your truth. Pray earnestly and sincerely to God, and pour out your heart to him. Release it every day as often as you must. Get to know God through his word in the Holy Bible. Let go of those negative thoughts and affirmations day by day. Communicate continuously with trusted friends, family, a mentor, or a counselor. Treat yourself kind, and love yourself every day of your life and watch the healing take place. All you will need to do is embrace the healing from within. Lastly, you can always re-take the picture.

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