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Essence of Beauty

What Is The Essence of Your Beauty? As defined by a Google Search, Essence is defined as the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract that determines its character. To keep it simple, it’s our inner core, our character, it’s who we are ultimately on the inside; what we think, which in my humble opinion can lead to what we do, and ultimately shape our thoughts in what we believe makes us Beautiful.

Is your belief based on truth, or is it solely linked to the external factors such as: what you were told, cross comparison, what you’ve seen in magazines, television, or on social media. Often times traumatic circumstances or events in our lives can causes us to have a false sense of self, which alone can shake the very Essence of who we are. When we allow the external to define what beauty is for ourselves it’s easy to lose focus. Define it for yourself and base it in on truth. My point you may ask, is to challenge individuals to include myself; to take an in depth look at Self, and then be honest about what we really see.

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