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Public Speaking

Belle B Mission

To provide a public speaking  and social media educational service component, that would emphasize mentorship, leadership, and self awareness; all in efforts to support and strengthen self esteem in young girls and women.

Facilitate educational and social development work shops geared to create a stronger sense of self awareness, knowledge, in order to enhance and  build self esteem.

I am


I AM Beautiful Inside & Out

I AM Confident

I AM A Leader

I AM Inspired

I AM Motivated

I AM Educated



To build up and ignite the gift that you already possess.


Belief in self is only the first step in enhancing ones self-esteem. Believe You Can And You Will.


To provide educational resources and information provided via educational links, videos, articles, and blogs that could be beneficial to the social growth and development, health and wellness, mental and physical health, of young girls and women


Taking The Lead Is Taking Responsibility. Dare To Lead And Never Underestimate Your Potential


Support system of shared experiences and vision utilized to uplift, provide support, educate, and bridge the gap between collaborative partners.


Felicia Pizana


A message from the founder...

Life's circumstances and experiences can most often than not, cause individuals to lose focus, place more emphasis on the external and rarely on the internal.  I am a witness because it meant just that for me.  Instead of me focusing on what God placed on the inside of me, my focus was more often than not, on everything and everyone else on the outside.  All of which caused me to often look to those things or people for validation. After many ups and downs and by “God's Grace”, I finally realized that everything really begins within and has everything to do with how I value my self-worth. As a result, Belle B was created from the whole notion of being beautiful from the inside first and then the outside.  (Belle) meaning “Beautiful” and (B) to emphasize “Be the Best You Can Be”.  

It may sound unconventional, but truly the concept of Belle B emerged under the notion of the importance of having high self-esteem, surrounding oneself around positivity, using ones gifts, and being aware of what's really taking place in the world.  The concept further reiterates to never give up or give in to life's many challenges; and most importantly, it supports being able to discern how to make the best decisions for yourself.  All of this means to me and I hope for you to not look to the world or others for self-validation, but more so to take the time to look within while moving forward and trusting God in the process. When you know who you are as a person, you believe you are "good enough", and you don't settle. It does take Inspiration, Support, Encouragement, Education, and definitely continuous Work.  No matter what life throws your way- You Can Make It!   

Msg From Founder


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